This project was to brand a new travel company called Travel Bliss. The companies aims and goals are to provide an experience for their customers that includes adventure but also luxury. With the company you receive the best of both worlds, you are involved in authentic experiences along with the luxurious side to it which will add more memorable encounters to the trip. The brief was to design a logo that will work across all communications including corporate stationery products and a promotional poster design to advertise the company.

For my design I based my concept on the location icon as this links well to travel, I took the design forward and began looking into other aspects of travelling and linked it to the ocean. The design uses a swirling effect that relates to waves, it also has a tribal look towards it which relates back to culture which fits in with the company offers of cultural experiencing along with luxury. For each of the poster designs I researches quotes/lyrics that relate to traveling. Images were selected that suited the quote for each.