Katie April 20, 2017

Graphic design has a huge impact within the Advertising industry as they both have similar goals when working on campaigns and projects, which usually brings them to working together. When given a job, advertisers will generate ideas to then allow the graphic designer to create the message visually. Advertising design and graphic design have similarities. Both need the ability to know the target market along with knowing which route to take forward designs to have a successful outcome in promoting the ideas, companies and products. When working on campaign projects, an art director, copywriter, client manager, creative designer, researchers and graphic designer are all needed. Designers create the value while advertising agencies sell that value. Graphic design focuses on working in specialist skills i.e. Web, print/layout, branding, illustration. It includes working on individual projects and execution. Advertising design will focus around concept generation and campaign planning and creation across whatever media is necessary. Companies that have a strong branding market can make them more successful and gain returning customers. These companies want to market their products to get more sales. Companies must advertise to be successful. They must advertise to reach out to new and existing clients/customers. Through effective advertising, more people will be encouraged in doing business with the company. “Advertising is convincing, Graphic Design is problem solving.” – bureau-gestamt.com Emotions play an effective role in communication. Ads can generate emotional responses to a wide audience making it more successful. and buy can usually be summed up in one word: emotional.” (blog.hubspot.com). Adverts can be found anywhere, from social media, billboards, online and TV. Advertising can generate so many different emotions, sadness, happiness etc. There’s an average of 5000 advertisements per day, which consumers see. Of this amount, around 10 will make an impression on the consumer. (entrepreneur.com) For any company, developing an emotional connection with the customers will help to build the business. Advertising has changed over the years, now companies are not selling product/service, they are selling a feeling. The consumer wants to gain from the experience, which forces the company to focus on the emotions towards the right target market. The advertiser has to focus on value. Advertisers and designers work together to encourage the audience to buy these services/products by showing/telling them what it can do for them. If people see something interesting, fun, effective and enjoyable they are more likely to pay more attention. An ad aims to evoke a response and create a memorable feeling.