Week 3’s inspiration is from a creative agency Farm Design, who created a summer promotional called Make It Pop. The design colours flow in order of the rainbow colours which gives it a fun look. The packaging is clean and playful, it has a fresh look. The typography carried out from the packaging box to the information booklet uses different fonts suitable for each. The information book adds a great touch to the promotional side of the product as it shows illustrations of each of the popsicles and their flavours so you know what to expect.

As part of one of my current projects I am required to design the packaging for a product. Researching different packaging that may not be the product you are designing for can still help to generate new ideas for the overall look. I also think this helps for when it comes to displaying your work and how you may choose to photograph it. Taking a look from a different perspective may give a different approach, in a good way!

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