Katie May 4, 2017

Back when I was in school, for my advanced higher art class I chose to base my project on the Tomorrowland Music Festival. Art was always my favourite subject to study, and from choosing this project, it made me want to study graphic design! This was my first ever poster design and although it’s totally different from what I would now produce after having studying graphic design, I’m really happy that choosing this project encouraged me to go ahead and learn more about graphic design.

Attending Tomorrowland has always been a dream of mine, and luckily enough at the end of this summer I will finally be able to attend the festival after years of waiting. I have always been inspired by the production side of this festival along with the detail they put into this world wide phenomenon. The companies promotional approach is amazing and well thought out in being suitable for its fans.

Each year Tomorrowland capture a theme and base the festival around it. From posters to stage designs, tickets, videos etc. My design took inspiration from their previous 2012 edition “The Book Of Wisdom”. I created different illustrations that linked to the festivals themes. I have always loved to draw it’s something I have enjoyed since I was younger and this project gave me so much freedom to explore my creative side. I knew nothing about typography back then, and I’m glad to say my skills since then have highly improved, along with learning to use creative software such as photoshop, indesign and illustrator. Its always fun to look back on old projects or work you have produced to see how your styles change and show how you have developed your skills from then to now.