Katie May 4, 2017

As part of my current design projects I am required to create stationery for each of the brands. Stationery is so important as it is used to identify the business and also an effective marketing tool. As designers, we have the chance to make the stationery design become a unique part of the company identity. There must be a clear connection across all stationery products. Custom stationery demonstrates professionalism and helps attract future clients. Many businesses won’t consider this as a priority, but having your own stationery can help your clients trust that you’ll do the bigger things right. This can help to build your brand, clients will be quick to identify your business if you have your logo, colours, font, size and also using a good paper stock. Explain to the client what you can offer and what finishes can be applied. A budget may already be in place however, as stationery is a big aspect for the business they may be willing to make changes if you give enough reason to why they should go the extra mile on this product.

It can really all come down to what the client wants, through my experience I think it’s a great idea to show a few examples, some that stick to the client’s needs, along with some that break the brief, something more fun that makes them have a unique look. You many have limited time but it’s always better to have more options to ensure the client will be happy with the work you present. Great examples can be found on https://uk.pinterest.com and https://www.behance.net. Design is always evolving, more businesses are taking advantage of these small aspects as it adds a nice touch to the company and gives faith from their customers.