Katie April 26, 2017

We all do it, I have to confess myself that I am one for procrastinating. I’m currently studying graphic design and I have to admit that procrastinating has a huge effect on getting things done, especially for students. I’m now in my third year and it’s not until you are approaching deadlines that you start to panic about the work load you still have left to complete. From one of my lectures we were given a quick talk about how procrastination can affect us. After this talk I realised how much work I put off and make silly excuses to myself, then regret it when I have so much to do at once. He gave us a simple but effective solution to solve this problem. Making a to-do list at the beginning of each day, with the priorities that have to be done that day. You may also give yourself a set amount of time to complete these tasks, if you manage your time carefully you may even find yourself have completed your to do list quicker than you though. You will find that when you begin to break the tasks down and focus on one at a time you’ll get more work done and will learn to manage time efficiently.

So, from my experience I have learned that creating these to-do lists can really help through getting through my design work, however this can come in handy with everyday tasks. When you set yourself goals each day that are time manageable you will surprise yourself when you really get focused and stuck in to what you have to complete.