Katie May 12, 2017

The creative industry is constantly growing, most companies now have their own graphic designer. And although there are many jobs out there, it is important to keeping up with what skills are required for companies that want in their designers.

Some of the requirements could include: knowing Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign like the back of your hand, have 2-3 years of experience or have a degree in design. With so many people fighting for these jobs, there is a big competition. You have to consider who the people you are competing with to get the job and what skills and experience they may have. It is always good to be prepared for what requirements you may need when applying for a job in the industry.

As designers, we want to be the best we can be. We should want to learn new skills and techniques. A great way to develop ourselves could be taking extra courses, it may be online or even somewhere local. It could also be watching tutorials that help, there is so much help out there for designers to move to the next level. If you find yourself wanting to learn something new, go for it! Set yourself an end target and work towards it.