Katie May 11, 2017

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”

No matter what job you do, you will mostly like have to take criticism. No one likes to be criticised. When we are being criticised we assume the worst, it can lower your self-esteem. As designers it can be difficult to accept criticism, especially when you have put time and effort into your work.

Designers want their work to be unique, and feedback can challenge you to be a better designer. The people who are giving you feedback have probably worked in the industry for some time, they may have more knowledge so their comments are there to help you progress to the next level. Taking feedback can improve the way you communicate, it shows you are able to respond to the criticism effectively.If you are confused and don’t understand why you’re not receiving the comments you expected then ask questions! To progress forward this will help keep the communication for the design open. If you hear the same suggestions several times, you should consider changes.

So, when you are being criticised it is best to really think about the feedback and decide yourself if you are going to take it or leave it, as designers we can’t please everyone. But it is always good to consider peoples comments. You can receive good or constructive criticism. Both help designers see their strengths and weaknesses, it must be dealt with positively. Designers must turn negatives into positives to be the best that they can be.